Imagine knowing how every brand experience will make each customer feel, before it’s built.

That’s the power of 1:1 insights on a scale of millions and it’s how we make sure your marketing spend powers corporate growth and delivers ROI. Our methods and data create new segmentation models, uncovering unmet needs and allowing for individualized customer experiences (CX) optimized to build trust and loyalty.

Our SaaS tools were designed to be additive, so you don’t need to start at “square one.” Instead, our ePR platform helps you identify and explicate the emotional context underlying your existing datasets with our Emotional Linguistic Analysis and Audience Development tools, granting your organization a new understanding of what it actually feels like to be in the shoes of a customer at virtually any touchpoint or moment in time. And not just a customer, but any customer.

Any Segment, Any Size

We are driven by data science, not traditional statistical analysis techniques, which means we use sample sizes of hundreds to create novel cohorts, each representative of tens-of-thousands or millions that can be appended to any dataset. In other words: we can target virtually any population imaginable, no matter how specific, and predict how they will feel about a given piece of content, with 99.9% accuracy.


Our proprietary Emotional-Linguistic Analysis (ELA) maps the primary and secondary emotional responses of any given audience to any type of linguistic triggers, such as marketing copy, attributes, values or any other type of brand language.

To do this, the platform collects the language you would like to test, be it your own existing campaign materials, a draft of a future communication, or a competitor’s latest campaign copy. Then, every piece of language submitted is weighted, and algorithms determine the Affect and Authenticity scores (see below) based on the primary- and secondary emotional responses had by each member of a given cohort.

The final ELA predicts with 99.9% accuracy the emotional response of any given customer to linguistic stimuli, plotted on an interactive chart that can be configured to index along various dimensions of significance, as needed.


Primary emotional response determines consumer behavior: i.e., Destroy / Buy / Recommend / Advocate along with Trust


Secondary emotions enable identification of the language that is most authentically responded to and the language that has the most tension. This enables precise understanding of emotion on two levels and avoids false positives and negatives.


The Audience Development (AD) tools on BRANDthrō’s ePR platform give you an “emotional blacklight,” revealing the hidden priorities and unconscious biases that ultimately drive decision-making in any given population across the world, both writ large and within the specific context of your product or product feature(s).

Big 5 Ocean Model

Used to understand response trends and the behavior they drive more clearly, along with ability to match target and brand personalities.

Brand Feature Analysis

Rank order of different component parts of brand experience based on emotional intensity.

Brand Feature Combination Analysis

Identify the features most emotionally resonant to each target when combined, and the likelihood of acquisition from doing so.

The result is not a “persona” or “personality profile,” nor any other variety of generic corporate horoscope. It is a detailed and specific analysis of your target audience’s emotional response to different combinations and hierarchies of information—your information—visualized in interactive, presentation-ready charts. Compare audience reactions, permutations of messaging, and explore the variations in Tension and Authenticity, then isolate the views you need and export in a variety of formats.

ePR Survey Preparation

Our proprietary, neurolinguistic analysis uses a carefully constructed survey, which we help you author based on your organizational goals and requirements.

Many clients feel comfortable creating their own surveys after an engagement or two, but others prefer to use our services with each project—either approach is fine with us! We work with every client during on-boarding to determine what it is you hope to accomplish and how our tools can be best leveraged to inject new inputs into existing design cycles while meshing with your existing workflows.

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